Students at Marketgate Dental

At Marketgate Dental all University Students are entitled to 15% discount on most private dental treatments. 

15% Discount for Students

We know that being a student means watching your spending habits and living to a budget. However, we also know that maintaining great dental care and ensuring that you go for regular check-ups  is vital to maintaining your oral health.

15% Discount, 100% Transparent

Looking after your dental health now instead of postponing it will result in you avoiding expensive and painful dental procedures in the future post-graduation.

At Marketgate Dental we will manage and review your dental health so you can keep track of your progress, whether you require a minor treatment such as a filling or something more complex. 

Our team will always aim to fit you in at a time that suits you best. Don’t worry about the financial side of dental treatment, we  are 100% transparent so you’ll be completely informed and know exactly how much you’re going to pay at each visit.

  • To claim your 15% student discount you must provide us a with a copy of your enrolment letter or a valid student ID!
  • Offer does not include orthodontic treatments.
Price15% OFF
New Patient ExamFrom £49.00From £41.65
Routine ExamFrom £35.00From £29.75
Composite FillingsFrom £120.00From £102.00
ExtractionFrom £90.00From £76.50
Root Canal TreatmentFrom £340.00From £289.00
Teeth WhiteningFrom £320.00From £272.00
Teeth Whitening Syringe Re-fillFrom £15.00From £12.75
Composite BondingFrom £200.00From £170.00
VeneersFrom £500.00From £425.00